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With over 15 years in the restaurant & hospitality business, owner Brittany Barron opened Long Beach plant-based food company Mod Foods Co. in February of 2017. Deriving her experience from years of front and back of house operations and leading catering & events teams, she took the plunge and went out on her own. "The goal is to bring tasty, handmade goods to my city. Long Beach & it's community have given me so much, I want to ensure I give back to it by providing some damn good food." - Owner, Brittany Barron


It all started when…

a few years back, a good friend had a severe heart attack at the age of 30. In good health, and with no warning, his whole life changed. We rallied around him and his family and began contributing to his recovery. In addition to providing some pretty terrible hospital jokes, we began brainstorming menu ideas for him and his family. We accepted the challenge of constructing tasty, plant-based meals to accommodate his new dietary restrictions. Through days (ok, let's be real...weeks) of trial & error, we developed a recipe for a healthy pasta that is packed with the good stuff and super mellow on the carbs + fats. Whether we mill down legumes such as; red lentils or chickpeas, or dehydrate roasted beets & tomatoes, we are always mixin' in quality ingredients to make our signature pastas. Davis approves, and we hope you do too!